Style Makeover

Maybe it’s because I’m now no longer a student, but I’m having a fashion crisis. The change in season usually means I get excited about the new styles of autumn and winter, but this time I’m feeling uninspired. I think it’s because I don’t really know what my personal style is anymore.

Or perhaps I’m just bored of what my style has been for the past few years and as I’m entering a new part of my life my look needs to adapt too. I’ve also cut quite a lot of my hair off recently –  a photo will be up in the near future –  and as silly as it may sound, I feel the clothes I currently own don’t suit my new (more sophisticated) hairstyle. I want a more grown up, tailored wardrobe with classic pieces. 

At the moment my wardrobe is full of things I’ve bought on impulse, without considering how I’d co-ordinate them all. I’ve also noticed I’m very attracted to pastel colours and chiffon fabric but seem to have a lot of sheer tops which I need to wear a vest under. My new mission is to avoid this by choosing more muted colours, which shouldn’t be hard with the autumn colour palette. Last weekend I spent some time trawling my favourite fashion websites and pinned everything I liked on Pinterest. Unfortunately the button to pin things from Topshop wasn’t working so I’ve saved my basket. I do like to have a board with photos because I can visualise things better and look at how the pieces would compliment eachother. I’m also on the hunt for a new handbag. I’d love a timeless designer piece and I’m thinking it might be a possible birthday present in November. Do you have any recommendations? 

If you’re interested check out my Pinterest board here to see what pieces have caught my attention.


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