That Time When I Tried To Have A Bubble Bath

This weekend I thought I would reward myself with a lovely, relaxing bubble bath and finish the book I was reading. Sadly it was not the spa experience I had in mind and I was reminded why I don’t have baths normally.

It began well, I lit my candles and poured some of the Elemis Milk Bath in the water. I had my kindle in hand,being the daredevil I am, and planned on finishing my book. In case you’re interested, the book was What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk, and it’s very good if you like ‘chicklit’ as I like to call it.

Unfortunately my bath wasn’t as good as my book. It was too hot! I can’t deal with being really hot and my showers would probably feel lukewarm to a lot of people. Sitting there sweating is not my idea of fun. Also, there weren’t enough bubbles; I need to invest in some Lush products. 

Needless to say as much as I tried to finish my book and relax, I had to give up and admit defeat. The good intention was there and maybe next time I’ll put together a better bath. I mean, it shouldn’t be so hard should it?! It’s like the episode of Friends where Monica runs the perfect bath and Chandler is converted. Maybe that will be me one day, we shall see! 

I can’t quite believe I’ve written a good couple of paragraphs on my attempt at having a bath. Please let me know in the comments if you have the same problems as me. However, if you’re a bath pro then please gimme some tips!

Teddy Robe to make everything better once I’d cooled down!


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