An Autumn Weekend

This weekend it really started to feel like autumn. I had quite a quiet weekend for a change and enjoyed being all cosy and warm while watching TV and eating. What all good weekends are made of! However, I did go on a walk on Saturday for some fresh air and couldn’t resist taking some photos of the beautiful autumn leaves.

When you actually take the time to stop and look, nature is really amazing.

After my walk I got back in my comfiest clothes.

For dinner I made butternut squash courgetti with chives and feta cheese. I got the idea from The Londoner’s recipe, but changed the pumpkin for squash, the sage for chives and the goats cheese (one of the only foods I despise) for feta. So it wasn’t all that similar to the original recipe but it tasted good anyway.

Then I’d been having a craving for apply crumble for a while and my mum said she felt like baking so I suggested we make an apple crumble and enjoy it with some custard. I followed the Deliciously Ella recipe which is really easy and pretty healthy actually. We didn’t put blackberries in it though because my mum doesn’t like them. We whipped it up after dinner and left it in the oven for half an hour while watching Strictly. I’m not an X Factor fan at all but I can’t resist a bit of Strictly!

It looked wonderfully golden when it came out the oven and was just calling for some custard to go with it. I absolutely love custard and would drink the stuff if I had the chance. Ice cream would work just as well too.

I went to bad feeling rather full and very satisfied. I enjoyed left overs with some almond milk for breakfast on Sunday- so yummy.

I took some time to do some drawing on Sunday afternoon. I have always loved art but rarely make the time to do it nowadays. It was lovely to spend a couple hours just focussing on one image and switching off from social media and my laptop. I was quite pleased with the finished result and while I’ll never be very good at drawing people, I find it a fun challenge. I used oil crayons this time but might give watercolours a go next time.

Obligatory Sunday roast photo coming your way…

Much to my northerner dad’s dismay, I’m not a huge roast dinner fan, but every now and again I really enjoy them. I usually have a sweet potato too but didn’t this time and instantly regretted it! The addition of stuffing really means its autumn in our house as we don’t normally have it with a roast.

After dinner I had a bubble bath with some new bath soak I bought from Dove. I can’t have a bath without loads of bubbles which means I go through nearly a bottle of the stuff every time. If you have any good bath product recommendations please let me know. I think I only spent about 15 minutes in the bath because I always get bored. At least I tried, eh?

My short-lived bath may have been partly due to my excitement to wear my new dressing gown. It’s basically the softest dressing gown ever from Marks and Spencer. It’s called The Hooded Luxury Dressing Gown by Rosie for Autograph. If you want to see what it looks like on, click here to see me modelling it 😉 It feels like a warm hug! M&S dressing gowns are quite pricey but they’re the best in my opinion if you want something that is actually going to keep you warm. I only wish I had this back in the arctic temperatures of my uni house…

I enjoyed some tea in my new turtle mug from Urban Outfitters. Isn’t he a dream?!

And completed my regular Sunday evening ritual of painting my nails. This time I used a new Maybelline shade called Emerald Excess, which is a very very dark green. I love colours that are almost black but with a hint of something.

There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend to prepare you for the week ahead.

 How do you like to take time out to relax at the weekend?



  1. October 22, 2015 / 3:23 pm

    Looks like the ideal weekend to me ♥♥

    • October 22, 2015 / 6:02 pm

      It was a good one!

      Ella xx

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