The best beauty shops in London


It’s taken me a while to get round to this post but I’m finally excited to sit down and write about a recent trip to London I went on, where my friend Nisha and I made a list of all beauty shops in London we wanted to visit and made a day of it.

Shopping for beauty is somewhat easier than clothes shopping. It requires less ‘trying on’ and the things you buy are easier to carry. However both factors mean there is the potential to get a bit carried away. I recommend planning out your route beforehand when you do anything in London, otherwise you can end up going back and forth on the tube which is not something you want to be doing, especially at the weekend when it’s tourist-central. Our route was: Oxford Street, Regent Street, Liverpool Street and Spitafields.

We started by heading to  BeautyMART in Topshop, Oxford Circus. If you haven’t been to this Topshop before, it’s a bit of a maze and I honestly find it quite stressful clothes shopping during peak times. The beauty section on the other hand is usually a lot calmer and I’ve never found it hard to browse in my own time there. I didn’t pick anything up this time but you’ll find lots of harder-to-find goodies from brands like Fairydrops, James Read and Korean skincare. The Topshop make up selection is pretty good too, I love their Glow highlighters.

Then we headed to the Kiko Cosmetics shop near Oxford Circus station. I love Kiko as it’s very affordable and everything I’ve tried has been amazing quality. They’re constantly bringing out new products too so there’s always something exciting on display. My current favourite product from them is the fan brush which I’ve found is the best way to apply powder highlighter to the high points of my face. They also have a rainbow of nail polishes too which are very affordable and streak-free.

Next it was on to Liberty on Regent Street which is one of the most beautiful shops in London to browse in. It has every beauty brand you could need (Hourglass yes please) and while you might expect Liberty to be an expensive place to shop for beauty, it’s no more expensive than your average department store in my opinion, plus there are areas with more affordable, niche products. I wouldn’t mind one of those giant bath tubs in my bathroom…


Selfridges is another must-see for any beauty lover. I did question my sanity at wanting to visit there on Saturday but it wasn’t too rammed. I think if I could pick one place in London to pick up my beauty supplies it would be Selfridges because they have everything. It has my favourite make up by Charlotte Tilbury, fragrance by Jo Malone and there’s a beauty workshop section where you can undergo all kinds of beauty treatments like eyebrow threading and get your hair or nails done there and then. I’ve yet to try any of these services so let me know if you have and would recommend them! You’ll want to head straight for the Zoeva Cosmetics counter as it’s Selfridges is the only place to stock it in the UK as far as I know. I went straight for this eyeshadow palette and also picked up a NYX highlighter too. Be warned that the beauty section is very close to the confectionary!

After hopping on the tube at Bond Street, we headed to Liverpool Street where the Boots in the station is particularly good. Thanks to Anna for that recommendation! I picked up some L’Oreal bits here and an almond milk green tea latte from the Starbucks nearby for energy.


Our final stop on our beauty tour of London was The Abnormal Beauty shop in Spitafields. I’m a big fan of the Deciem company if you haven’t figured out from my social media already. I’ll refer you to this video if you’ve missed my raves. I picked up a fair few *read a lot* of products here but they still only came to under £25 which for skincare really isn’t that bad. Everyone in the store was very friendly and you could see how passionate they were about the brands.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful for any London beauty ventures! I must say it was fun to put together.

If you need some refuelling either during your shopping or at the end of the day, check out Bao’s Vietnamese offering which is what we went for. It’s something a bit different and the taste was so insane I had to write a full review in this post.

Where is your favourite place to shop for beauty in London?


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