10 affirmations you didn’t know you needed to hear 

In today’s #matchamornings video I’m sharing 10 affirmations you didn’t know you needed to hear. These can be life-changing if you implement them consistently in your life. Let me know if you have any affirmations you like to use in your daily practice! Louise Hay’s work is amazing for showing you how to use positive thinking to change your life. If you want to watch my healthy summer evening routine too, click here.


Here are the affirmations I mention in the video:

♥ Things are always working out for me

♥ What is meant for me will never miss me

♥ I accept myself

♥ I am whole and complete

♥ I am where I am and that’s ok

♥ I trust the timing of my life

♥ I am committed to attracting only those that support my vision

♥ I love and approve of myself

♥ I trust the intelligence of my body

♥ I allow things flow to me in the perfect timing



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