Don’t let society tell you not to drink your green smoothie in a gin glass 😂  So today’s #matchamornings video is this easy green smoothie recipe. It doesn’t contain any banana 🍌 as I know lots of you (crazy) people out there don’t like it. I make my smoothies quite thick so I can eat them with a spoon and it feels more satisfying but you can add more liquid if you want to take it on-the-go. This contains a couple of optional superfood powders too which definitely aren’t essential but the two I used really give me a natural boost of energy without caffeine. So I hope you enjoy it and find some new smoothie inspiration! Also, note to self: buy prettier straws next time 🙈

On a more serious note, when was the last time you actually really appreciated the food you were about to ingest? Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking whether a food is good/bad that we don’t take the time to really bless our food and be thankful that we have an abundance of food in our lives. It’s been scientifically proven that we are all made of energy and our thoughts can affect what appears to be fixed or static. Watch a video all about it here.

Therefore your thoughts about food can PHYSICALLY change the molecular structure of the atoms – how amazing is that?! So essentially, if you think loving thoughts about your food, it will digest well and benefit you a lot more than if you think negative thoughts. Your body knows what to do so just trust it and stop listening to other people’s opinions on what you should or shouldn’t be eating. Before you sit down to eat, try mentally saying affirmations such as  ‘I am so grateful for this food that will nourish my body’ or ‘This food will provide me with exactly the right nutrients and energy I need’. Let me know how it goes! Now here’s what you came for…



*1 pear

* Half an avocado

*1 tbsp nut butter

*Big handful of kale

*1tsp supergreens powder (optional)

*1 tbsp maca powder (optional)

*Water/almond milk

*Top with seeds/caco nibs/granola/fruit 🙂


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