Flawless base without foundation tutorial

Flawless base no foundation

Today’s #matchamornings video is how I get a flawless (as realistic for me as possible anyway) base WITHOUT foundation. Ever since I switched to this routine and ditched my heavier alternatives, I’ve saved so much time in the mornings and my skin has been better so it’s a win win. 👍


Since you’ve taken the time to visit my blog, I thought I’d share a bonus few tips I use to help keep my skin as clear as possible so I don’t have to rely on foundation:


*Drink lots of water and eat well. I know it’s what everyone says but it’s true!

*Manage your stress levels. I can tell if I’m feeling stressed because I’ll get a breakout (or several). Our skin is often a reflection of how we’re feeling internally. Try deep breathing, meditation, exercise or even watching a funny film to raise your energy levels.

*Focus on the flawless skin you want to have, rather than the current skin you’re unhappy with. This might sound a bit far-fetched. However the more you nit pick at your skin, the more you are attracting skin you don’t like. Avoid scrutinising yourself in the mirror. You’ll just amplify those negative emotions. Instead take some time each day to visualise how you want your skin to look. Do you want smooth, glowing and soft skin? Then imagine it, feel it and you will eventually look in the mirror and see just that. All it takes is dedication and if you spent as much time thinking positive and loving thoughts about yourself as you do the negative ones, you’d be amazed at how fast you’ll see changes.


I hope you find my tips and the tutorial below helpful! Check out the video below to see the products I used and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as I’m posting daily at the moment 🙂


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