There’s a new video up on my channel where I walk you through a healthy summer evening routine of mine! It includes a hiit workout class and dinner at Farmshop in Bicester Village 🍽🛍

Recently I’ve taken on a slightly different approach to the term ‘routine’. Instead of planning everything down to the last minute, I’m going with the flow much more and trusting that I always have enough time to get things done. And so I do! The more you keep reaffirming you are short on time or ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ then that’s what will be reflected in your life. I used to tell myself I didn’t have time to create videos or write long Instagram posts every day but it’s amazing what you can fit in when you prioritise things and get up slightly earlier ⏰ It’s normal to do similar things each day but it’s not normal to check out mentally and go into auto-pilot, just regurgitating old negative habits and attitudes. Tonight I’m looking forward to diving into Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert because I’ve had SO many people recommend it to me 💫 What’s your take on routines? Hardcore to-do list follower or go with the flow-er? 👇One of my favourite teachers of ‘flow’ is Jess Lively – you should check her out!


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