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Hi, I'm Ella!

I'm a lifestyle YouTuber and life coach, dedicated to making spirituality fashionable.


I'm so happy to have you here!

I truly believe that we all have the ability to create our own reality through the power of our thoughts and feelings. In my conscious business I focus on bridging the gap between simple positive thinking (i.e. think about it and it will come) and quantum physics (the scientific proof to back it up). My goal is to help you overcome self-doubt, comparison and feelings of helplessness and embrace your authentic self. This is self-love on a whole other level!

I am in the process of creating online self-study course The Energy Diet which will teach you how to achieve your ideal weight and shape through the power of your mind and letting go of limiting beliefs. I have many ideas for eBooks (stay tuned) and I've also created positive affirmation cards which you can purchase here.

My YouTube channel is there to provide regular inspiration and motivation on helping you live your best life by giving you an insight into mine. Look out for a variety of content: vlogs, favourite products, book recommendations and lots more!

Having spent tons of time learning and reading about self-development, I want to help you achieve more inner peace and escapism through my YouTube channel, courses and one day life coaching. So let's enjoy the journey together!


What's your story?

I really do want to know yours but I'll go first. I've always had an interested in the more, shall we say, woo-woo (though I don't really like that term) side of life. As I child I would always be found with a book in my hand (The BFG was my fave) and would often play schools where I would have to be the teacher. No arguments.

Fast forward a few years and my favourite books to read came under the self-development genre. Through immersing myself in the laws of the universe, I have gradually overcome my own insecurities including low-self esteem, being over and underweight and feeling unworthy compared to others on social media. It's no secret that coaches need coaches! In order to offer you the best advice I can, I continually look to expand on my limits. A few of my favourite mentors and sources of inspiration include:  Jess Lively, Leticia Ringe, Kelly Trach, Jen Sincero, Aaron Doughty and the works of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks.

I started blogging in university when I wanted a creative break from my English Language and Literature degree. I wrote about beauty and fashion as that's what everyone else was doing at the time. However in the process I somewhat lost myself. Yes, I do have a love of those subjects but it's not what lit me up and I feel that was evident in the lack of success I had with it. 

So at the beginning of 2018, I figured life was too short to not do what I really enjoy - help people transform the quality of their lives by sharing what I've learnt on my own journey. 

Application is everything

It's one thing to read self-development books but if you don't apply what you're learning then nothing will shift. I went through a period of consuming so much content that I became overwhelmed and it meant I wasn't practicing what I preached. When it flows I hope to offer one-to-one coaching for women looking to uplevel their lives.


Watch me in action

Want to get to know me and have a nosy at my lifestyle? It's all on my YouTube channel!

My style

Real. Raw. Relatable.

Everything I create I make with you in mind. Whether I'm writing an Instagram caption, creating a course or filming for my YouTube channel, I keep it real and as honest as possible. No one is perfect, I prefer to be perfect in my imperfection and that's what I want for you too.

Together I will teach you how to be your own best friend and go-to person for advice. My lifestyle is all about turning within so you can go forward, knowing that everything you need is inside of you already.

   Words I live by:










Join the community.

I help people embrace who they really are and live a heart-centred life.

It starts with YOU.


Ever heard the phrase 'dreams don't work unless you do'? Once you've decide that you want to create your life on your own terms, I'm here to support you on your path to greatness.

My YouTube channel and online courses  (in the works) are designed to help you apply the concepts I teach so you can become the you that you've always envisioned. Don't be afraid to dream big my friend!

Get started...