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My intention with my blog and YouTube channel is to provide you with inspiration, overcome self-doubt, comparison and feelings of helplessness and embrace your authentic self.

My YouTube channel was created to provide regular positive vibes and motivation on helping you live your best life by giving you an insight into mine. Look out for a variety of content: mindset tips, my spiritual practices, book reviews, podcast recommendations and lots more.

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I've always had an interested in the more, shall we say, ‘woo-woo’ side of life. As I child I would always be found with a book in my hand (The BFG was my fave) and would often play schools where I would have to be the teacher. No arguments.

Fast forward a few years and my favourite books to read came under the self-development genre. Through implementing what I’ve read, I have gradually overcome my own insecurities including low-self esteem, being over and underweight and feeling unworthy in comparison to others. Perfection certainly doesn’t exist but definable progress certainly does. In order to offer you the best advice I can, I continually look to expand on my limits. A few of my favourite mentors and sources of inspiration include: Oprah Winfrey (obvs),  Jess Lively, Leticia Ringe, Kelly Trach, Jen Sincero, Aaron Doughty and the works of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks.

I started blogging in university when I wanted a creative break from my English Language and Literature degree. I primarily wrote about beauty and fashion as that's what everyone else was doing at the time. However since then my interests have evolved into other topics such as human psychology and bringing up a puppy ;)

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