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What are your tips on becoming more self-confident? First of all, you need to shift your mindset from one of fear and scarcity to love. When you feel inadequate it's typically because you are comparing yourself to other people. Once you can tackle that and accept yourself for who you are, everything else becomes easier.

How do I start a blog, YouTube channel?  I created my blog and YouTube channel by myself through trial and error. Share the topics you are most passionate about and people will automatically be drawn to you. I read a lot of blog posts and watched tutorials along the way. A lot of mindset work goes into it as well and I love listening to Kelly Trach and Leticia Ringe who are two amazing life coaches who go into the spiritual side of running a business. 

How do you stay motivated with work and eating healthy? It’s a constant practice for me but I have learnt to monitor my thoughts and attitude towards these subjects so I see them as a natural part of who I am. I choose to do work and eat food that make me feel my best. Society wants us to think it’s harder than it is to be healthy and happy.

What's your typical day of food?  It changes all the time depending on how I feel. I tune into my body to see what it needs in the moment. This is something I'll hopefully create a course on one day.

Do you have a web designer?  Nope, I designed it myself on Squarespace - it's very easy to use!

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