5 Day Dream Body Alignment Challenge


I know you’re ready to:

♥ Feel more ease and freedom around food

♥ Be more confident in your own skin

♥ Tune into your body’s unique needs

But here’s the thing.

❃ You feel overwhelmed and anxious with the amount of information from ‘experts’ telling you to follow a particular way or eating, what food groups to cut out and how to exercise.

❃ You love the idea of eating intuitively and loving your body, but right now it feels like a distant dream because you look in the mirror and see endless things that need fixing.

❃ Food feels like something you need to be in control of so when life happens and it all gets a bit much, you turn to food to help you relax and get pleasure from life.


I know exactly how you feel.


I used to spend an embarrassing amount of time looking up different diets and trying out new exercise plans. I would attempt to copy the eating habits of women who had a better body than me.

When I wasn’t able to stick to the current plan I was on or the rules I’d imposed on myself, I would feel like a failure and end up eating the foods I’d told myself were off limits.

If I didn’t exercise everyday I felt I would balloon up. I didn’t trust myself to have freedom around food and I definitely didn’t want to listen to my body. It was much easier to look outside of myself for all the answers!

Everything changed when…

♥ I decided to give up the control around food and exercise

♥ I realised my issues went much deeper than the physical aspects of what I put on my plate, which is when my spiritual journey deepened

♥ I committed to eat without guilt and exercised for the pure joy of it!


Just imagine.

Imagine what you could do with all the freed up energy you used to spend worrying about your body.

Imagine being someone who maintains their ideal body weight all year round when others are on a bikini body diet for summer or post Christmas detox.

Imagine feeling happy and free, trusting your body and self implicitly in every moment.

It’s possible for you too!

Let me support you in ditching the struggle with your body by giving you the tools I’ve learned and refined to set you up with the RIGHT FOUNDATIONS for feeling more self-worth and aligning with your ideal body weight right away.


By the end of the 5 days you will:


❃ Know the tools that I use in my daily life to feel more ease around food

❃ Have a clear idea how to use your energy to transform your body

❃ Learn what is required to tune into your body’s wisdom

What’s included?

❃ A personal email each day which contains a training video from me with a different topic each day

❃ Implementable exercises to start changing your relationship around food and exercise straight away

❃ A free guided meditation so that you can feel into your ideal body right now

❃ Journalling prompts and affirmations so you can be clear to the universe about what you want to manifest

Plus a special bonus

❃ You will get unlimited coaching from me. If you have any questions or need any clarity around the challenge, you can email me and I will respond to you within 48 hrs.

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