Lumiere Light Festival & Pizza Pilgrims, London

Last Friday I took a quick trip to London after work to visit friend and see some of the Lumiere Light Festival which was dotted across various places in London. I'd previously seen a Lumiere exhibition in Nottingham while I was at uni but this was on a much larger scale and way more impressive!

We didn't go to every venue because it was quite late and we were cold but we saw a few sights on Regent Street and Oxford Circus. It was lovely to see the crowds gather and take a minute to stop and look up...

It was all quite surreal. My favourite part was the projected elephant. I love elephants!

This floating object at Oxford Circus reminded me of a cell you might study in science.

After admiring the lights, we walked to Carnaby Street in search of good food. As I suspected we were unable to get a table for six on a Friday evening with no reservation but we settled for eating pizza from Pizza Pilgrims in a heated courtyard area. I shared the mushroom and truffle oil pizza with my friend Nisha. It was absolutely delicious! I've been to Pizza Pilgrims before (I even had the same flavour) and it's definitely one of the best pizzas I've ever had. I'm not sure how they do it!

Feeling satisfied and a little bit thirsty, we went for a couple of drinks after before I got the train home and fell into a deep sleep.