Weekly Favourites

It's time for another roundup of my weekly favourites. I was a bit spendy this week, despite trying to save money for my upcoming trip (I'll reveal more on Sunday) but I'm pretty pleased with the things I bought.

The Clothing Item

Image 3 of ASOS Skater Mac

This pink mac from ASOS was love at first sight and with 20% off for students or siblings of students ;) I just couldn't resist. I'll try and do an outfit post with it soon!

The Book

Deliciously Ella's new cookbook came out last week and I hadn't actually thought about purchasing it until I was in WH Smith and had a look at the recipes. It's literally all the foods I love in on book and she's made sure that the meals are quick and easy to throw together. I've been experimenting with some new recipes this week and love them all so far!

The Food

Leading on from my Deliciously Ella purchase, my favourite recipe of the week was a banana avocado smoothie bowl recipe I made. So yummy!! Look out for a video of it on Sunday, make sure you're subscribed here

The Beauty Item

My nails were looking especially long and healthy so i decided to paint them black for the weekend. I used Essie's 'Licorice' and was in love with the glossy finish. I think black looks so chic and put together. Unfortunately once it chips this is all ruined!

The Quote

This made me stop and think this week. I admit I could probably do a lot more to make the people around me feel good about themselves. Not that I think you should rely on other people for your own happiness but I think if you generally feel happy and comfortable with yourself, you instantly make other people feel that way when they're in your presence. So this week I'm going to try to spread the love!