Hoppers, Frith Street Soho

Hello! I'm excited to share this restaurant review with you today. I visited Hoppers on Frith Street in Soho with my friend Rosh when I was in London the other week. She told me how good the food was and, as I'd never tried Sri Lankan food before, I was keen to try it.

We went quite early because it gets really busy and we didn't want to be queuing for ages. Still, we had to wait half an hour or so for a table but it wasn't too bad. It's very small inside and you feel a bit like you're in someone's living room...

Having checked out the menu beforehand (standard procedure) I was pretty decided one what I would go for. The menu does take a bit of reading because it's has a lot of food I haven't come across before, like 'hoppers' and 'dosas'. There's a handy glossary on the menu and friendly staff who clear up any confusion you might have over what to order. I chose a hopper which is a 'bowl shaped fermented rice and coconut milk pancake', the Duck Kari which is basically a duck curry and a the coriander, coconut and tomato chutney trio. The idea I believe is to dip your hopper into the curry and chutney's and enjoy it all together. It is slightly messy but definitely doable! The curry was really tasty, I never have duck so it made a nice change and it was just the right amount. I was a bit worried about the coriander chutney as I have a love/hate relationship with coriander but it was really ok and not 'soapy' tasting at all.

Rosh went for the dosa option which is a 'crisp fermented lentil rice crepe' with the potato fry and the same chutneys as me. I think the dosa is the more savoury tasting option but they both tasted quite similar to me!

Rosh's dosa, potato fry and chutneys

My hopper, duck kari and chutneys

There were no desserts on the menu so the meal came to around £10 which I think is amazing. Beats a Nando's any day! I really enjoyed my meal at Hoppers and would thoroughly recommend you take a visit and try some delicious Sri Lankan food if you're in the Soho area.