Four Ways To Improve Your Health Today

No matter how healthy you are, there are always ways you can improve on your quality of life. I find small changes make the biggest difference so I thought I'd share four things I've been incorporating into my daily routine that have made me a healthier and happier person.

1. Walk more// Walking is one of the best exercises for you and it's free. It's so easy to add some walking into your daily routine. Everyone has the time, I don't care how busy you think you are, I guarantee you'll be more productive at work if you get out in nature during your lunch break and take a break from the screen. Something which I'm thinking about doing is tracking how many steps I take a day on my iPhone to see if I reach the recommended 10,000. I think I probably do on an average day but it might spur me on to walk more at the weekend if I'm monitoring them

2. Eat a good breakfast// If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I bloody love breakfast. It's my favourite meal of the day and I think it's because I'm so creative with it (if I do say so myself). I have  a big sweet tooth but I've found healthier ways to satisfy my cravings with nutritious breakfast combinations, such as porridge or smoothie bowls, that are free of any added sugars and prevent my blood sugar levels from spiking. I usually still need a snack before lunch but that's because I get up so early. Even if you only have a banana or a piece of toast, it's better to start off with something than nothing! You'll be less likely to reach for the biscuit tin when it gets to 11am.

3. Keep a gratitude journal// It's much easier to feel happier when you are thankful for everything you already have. Grab a notebook and write down ten things you are grateful for in your life, it could your health or your best friend. No matter how small it is, if it makes you happy write it down! You'll be amazed at how much you have in your life to celebrate. I use the Five Minute Journal by Alex and Mimi Ikonn and love it. You can also download the app version here where you can take a photo of a moment in your day. Whenever you feel down, go back over your lists and see how quickly your mood improves. That dress you really want but can't afford will seem irrelevant!

4. Do something that makes you laugh// This is something I've added in as a reminder to myself. Children are laughing all the time and look how happy they are! It can be easy to take life too seriously and get caught up in the little things but it's important to do something each day just for the fun of it. Whether it's watching your favourite comedy or reliving a funny story with friends, there should be no excuse not to laugh more.

Do you do any of these already? What are your tips to stay happy and healthy?