The return of Nails Inc's Swan Street

I've fully embraced the warmer weather we are having in England at the moment (apart from the rain) by reintroducing pastel shades back into my nail wardrobe. I know I need to calm down the excitement but not brave enough for bare legs just yet! Now I've never really strayed too far from the pale nails spectrum to be perfectly honest, however I had been sticking to more neutral pale pinks, nudes and greys. This was until last week when we had some unexpectedly glorious weather and I had my first OMG I'm leaving my house without a coat moment of the year. I got out all my pastel clothes, quickly changing my nails to match. I couldn't resist throwing on a slick of one of my favourite spring/summer shades from last year, Nails Inc's Swan Street. It's a very subtle pale mint and looks almost white on the nails. Be warned: the formula is slightly streaky when you apply it but two coats is enough for an opaque, glossy finish. And the results are definitely worth it. I have a feeling this will be gracing my nails for most of the summer, with the occasional reddy-orange shade thrown in there to mix things up a bit.

What's the nail colour shade you can't wait to wear this spring? Are there any new pastel shades I should know about?