Thoughts on wearing make up for confidence

As I was running to catch my train to work recently, I thought to myself how much quicker I would get ready if I didn't have to apply make up. Then I thought about why I feel I have to wear it. If i'm honest I just wouldn't feel confident without it, especially working in the beauty industry wear you're expected to practice what you preach. It's not like I even spend more than 15 minutes in the morning on mine but it would be nice to just go without one day and not have anyone ask 'are you feeling ok?' just because I haven't got mascara on. I do occasionally go out without any make up on but usually if I'm going somewhere with little chance of bumping into someone I know. My family tell me I don't look that different without mine on so I guess it's more of a confidence thing than anything else.

What I do know is that it feels pretty liberating when I go out in public without make up on and I do sometimes wonder if I didn't wear mascara for a few weeks if I'd just get used to seeing myself in the mirror without it. Maybe, but I'm not sure I'm willing to test that theory out just yet! At the end of the day I love playing with make up and I also love the happiness and confidence it brings to many women. And thankfully, I know I'm not alone in feeling the need to wear make up to work. I asked eight of my female friends in different industries if they wear makeup to work, how much they wear and the reasons they choose to wear it. So here's what they said...

1.Polly, Graphic Designer, 25.

“I wear makeup to work every day. I’d say I wear a medium amount, not too heavy but always use foundation. I wear it because it makes me feel better. Whether I'm tired, happy or sad, I can use make up to make myself look consistent.”

2. Roshni, Junior Creative, 23.

“I always wear make up to work, but try not to wear any at the weekend if possible. I try to wear as little as I can because I like it to appear natural. I wear: primer, tinted moisturiser, face power, bronzer, brow gel and mascara – several layers. I wear it to try and hide any skin imperfections and to present the best possible version of myself.”

3. Liz, Teacher, 30.

“Yes I wear makeup every day although a lot of people I work with don’t. I like to think I don't pile it on but wear enough to cover and accentuate my features. It makes me feel happy and I like layering different shades and matching them to my mood.”

4. Mariana, Compliance Coordinator, 30.

“I wear makeup every day, usually foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and sometimes lipstick. And I wear it because I feel like I have to – sorry to be a downer!”

5. Rebecca, Fashion Copywriter, 28.

“To work I wear foundation, powder, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and brow pencil. Sometimes a bold lip too, depending on what mood I'm in or outfit I’m wearing. I generally wear make up every day, it is really rare for me to not wear any at all. It just makes me feel better about myself. I don't think I'd feel confident without it, rightly or wrongly. My skin isn't good enough to not wear it! If I had naturally amazing skin I might consider it. It's also an expression of self I suppose. I love fashion and stuff so a bold lip might be part of my outfit for the day.”

6. Holly, Medical student, 23.

“I don’t wear make up to work, I can't look too nice for patients!”

7. Nisha, Research Technician, 23.

“I always wear makeup to work. I apply foundation, eye makeup, lipstick and more but try to keep it as light as possible! I love applying makeup and experimenting with it. It makes me feel more awake/more confident and it’s my ‘me time’ in the morning.”

8. Sharanpal, Medical Student, 23.

“I always wear make up to work. Usually concealer, eye makeup and a light lipstick. I always wear make up outside the house to look presentable.”

Where do you stand when it comes to make up? Are you happy to go without or do you feel pressured to wear it by society?