Balayage hair colour at HARE & BONE

Last weekend I had my hair coloured at Hare and Bone by Chloe Ascott. I'd heard great things about the salon so was very excited to experience it for myself. HARE & BONE was created by Sam Burnett, an award-winning hair stylist and our Creative Director whose innovative designs have inspired international campaigns and global brands. I knew I was in good hands from the minute I set through the door.  Conveniently, HARE & BONE is located about five minutes from Oxford Circus so it couldn't be easier to get to. 

After having ombre hair a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to try balayage. It's a much more subtle way of adding sunkissed highlights to the hair and is easier to maintain than most hair colours. The highlights are painted on freehand lower down in the hair to avoid regrowth lines and create the graduated balayage effect. Since having my ombre, I've generally stuck to at home L'Oreal dyes with the occasional salon appointment in between. I think at home dyes can be good if you want a subtle change in your hair tone but for anything drastic I would always visit a reputable salon. So with quite a dark colour to work with, Chloe put me at ease and talked me through my options and explained that the lift would look very natural and I could always go lighter in the future if I wanted to. I had my roots done a bit darker too so the difference would be more noticeable (my natural hair colour is quite a light brown).

So here's the before shot. I'm not sure where the random curl came from!

Chloe applied the colour while I flicked through magazines. I love it when hairdressers have magazines that are current and not from a few months ago as it makes the time pass so much quicker. The whole process took around three hours from start to finish. I also had an Olaplex treatment which I would recommend to anyone who has coloured hair. It makes my hair feel so much softer and less damaged. I've ordered step 3 which Chloe recommended I sleep in once a week as a deep conditioning treatment so I'll let you know how I get on with that. I'm really trying to focus on keeping my hair in good condition because even though I don't really use much heat on my hair or even dye it as much as I know some women do, my hair seems to get damaged very easily but then again it's always been naturally coarse feeling and curly when I was younger.

Back to the treatment, I had the Olaplex applied after my colour was washed out and then sat under a heated machine for 10 minutes so it penetrated deeper. Then Chloe washed it out and gave me a lovely head massage before drying it so I could see the results. 

I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It feels much more summery and I feel like the colour looks softer than a block colour did against my skintone. I'm hoping the colour stays true but I'll be using purple shampoos and lots of conditioner to try and maintain it for as long as I can. Chloe wrote everything down for next time and I have to say I'd be tempted to go a bit lighter because I was so impressed with how the colour came out this time. Don't hold me to that though because my friends and family will know that I'm always changing my mind when it comes to my hair. For now it's made me want to grow it a bit longer so I can see the balayage effect more and experiment with wavy hairstyles.

Thank you Chloe and HARE & BONE for a truly lovely hair experience. I'll be back! Visit here to book your own appointment at HARE & BONE.