How to live more in the present moment

It can be easy to get so engrossed in our everyday routines that you become almost unaware of your thoughts and daily habits. What may seem like passing thoughts can actually build up to much bigger problems and slowly take form in your every day life. I'm learning more each day how important it is to be aware of my thoughts and live more in the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now was a pretty life-changing book for me personally. It's quite a hard concept to get your head round at first, but essentially Eckhart explains that all we ever really have is the now. You can waste time thinking about the past or future but all we really have is the present and that's what shapes our future selves.

I'll be the first to admit that I try to control situations way too much but I'm learning more as I grow older that sometimes you just have to let things just be what they are and everything will work out. So I thought I would share a few of my favourite rituals which I've been incorporating into my daily routine recently, they don't take much time and I've found them to be very effective in changing my attitude towards things. I want you to see how these techniques can work for you!


I love to walk anywhere and everywhere I can. Not only is it great exercise (especially if you walk at a fast pace) it's great for the mind too. Luckily I'm within walking distance of work at the moment so a nice 25 minute stroll really starts and ends my day in a positive way. While I'm walking I'll often listen to music or sometimes I just like to take in my surroundings and repeat positive affirmations to myself. Some examples are 'I am thankful' or 'everything is always working out for me'. Another technique specific to walking is to repeat 'thank you' in your mind every time you take a step. You don't even have to pick a specific thing to be thankful about, it's all about feeling the emotions that go with it.


If you've been watching my Vlogtober videos (catch up here) you may have noticed that I tend to be quite rushed in the mornings. I don't like to start my mornings off running late or feeling anxious so I've started doing small things the night before work so that my mornings run a lot smoother. Laying out the make up I'm going to use that day and selecting my outfit the night before (after checking the weather forecast) ensure that I don't waste time in the mornings pondering over these small steps. A bonus is that means I use more of my make up and clothes rather than grabbing the same ones all the time because I'm rushed.


This is probably the most challenging one for me as my phone is constantly by my side. I blame Instagram for most of my time-wasting but when you're a blogger, social media is pretty essential! However, I find spending hours can be lost living through other people's lives and the self comparison that ensure can leave me feeling a bit down. I'm trying to put my phone away and turn it onto airplane mode as soon as possible in the evenings so that I can enjoy 'real life' more and concentrate on the good around me. If you have any suggestions on how to limit phone time then let me know!


I try and make my meal times one of the few times during the day where I really stay present and switch my mind off for a bit. As well as helping you to notice when you're full, eating more mindfully gives you much more pleasure and you really notice the flavours of food more. Have you ever been watching TV or looking on your phone while you're eating and finished a plate of food without even remembering how it tasted? I definitely used to be like that but I enjoy my meal times and food in much more positive way now that I savour every bite. It's also better for digestion too to eat slower and I definitely find that if I eat too fast I feel more bloated after. I'm not going to tell you to say a prayer before you eat but even just taking a moment to be grateful for having food on your plate is a simple way to stay more present throughout your day. Not everyone is so fortunate!

I hope you enjoyed my little tips on how to live more in the present moment. You can purchase Eckhart's book here or listen to his videos on YouTube (after you've caught up on mine). Will you be incorporating any of these into your life? Do you have any techniques I should know about?