Beauty products I've used up | What makes a good beauty product?


I'll be honest with you. I have quite a large collection of beauty products so it takes a lot of willpower or love for a product for me to use it up. So imagine my surprise when I had collected a fair few products that were coming to an end. Naturally my first thought was to do a product empties video for you so that's exactly what I've done in today's video! 

While I wouldn't buy a couple of these again - I can't help but always wanting to try something new - there are some that I'm very upset to have used up completely and am already on the lookout for replacements!

So what constitutes a good beauty product for me? 

1. Instant and long-lasting results

2. Formulas that sink in quickly

3. Non-offensive smells!

4. Nice packaging - not too fancy but something I'd be proud to have out on display (or take blog photos with ;) )

5. Reasonably priced because if I love something I want to be able to afford to buy it again!

6. One that evokes positive emotions within me, whether through the luxurious experience of using it or by how good it makes me look!

Do any of these resonate with you? Watch my video for a full run down of the products I've used up! All links to products are in the description box.

I'd love to know what products you use up the quickest? For me I think it's shampoo and face powder!