Environ skin treatments

The English winter is not the most traditional one let me tell you. The temperatures have been really up and down over the last couple of week. One day I'll be so cold it hurts and the next I'm all sweaty from my walk to work in my scarf and gloves! 

My skin hasn't quite know how to react to this and has been just as confused as my outfit choices so I've found it difficult to keep my skin as hydrated as possible, despite the gallons of water I drink each day. So when I was offered the chance to try the new Environ skin treatment at LA Perfection in Witney (the same lovely place I had my brows done), I jumped at the chance. It was my first professional facial and nothing like one I'd heard of before. If you're after a relaxing facial, let me tell you now that this isn't for you. However if you're after instant and noticeable results then keep reading!

Environ was designed by Dr Des Fernandes to correct the chronic deficiency of vitamin A that everyone suffers from in the exposed areas of their skin. A deficiency which can lead to major skin problems and traditionally blame ageing and sun damage for. 

Environ skin treatments combine the use of Sonopheroresis and Iontophoresis (soundwaves and small electrical pulses) to drive essential vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid to the deeper layers of the skin. In turn, this can help treat pigmentation, sun damage, ageing, dryness, acne, scarring and dull skin. Essentially, while most skincare products merely scratch the surface of the skin, Environ works at a much deeper level which is why the results are so good.

The particular treatment I had was called Hydraboost which is tailored for dry and lacklustre skin. Afterwards my skin felt deeply hydrated and so much plumper than before. Even though I'm only 24 (or 23 when I had the facial!) I do find if my skin is drier my smile lines tend to be more prominent than they should. After this they'd completely gone and haven't looked as noticeable even a couple of weeks later. 

The whole treatment lasted around an hour and included a questionnaire discussing my skin concerns, lifestyle/diet and what skincare I am currently using. Then I had a thorough double cleanse, before a rather frightening looking face mask was applied all over my face, including my lips and eyes. I then understood why one of the questions was 'do you ever get claustrophobic?'. You don't have to have the mask applied everywhere if you don't want to but I'm not one to shy away from trying new things.

I felt like I was in a sort of scientific experiment here and I could feel the mask tingling on the drier parts of my face due to the hyaluronic acid. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling mind you, more a yay this is actually doing something feeling. Then it was off with the mask in one fail swoop - I've never known a mask to peel off so quickly - and a serum was applied to lock in the moisture. I got myself together and had a dusting of the Jane Iredale mineral foundation applied to my skin. The great thing about Jane Iredale make up is that it's so pure it doesn't clog your pores or irritate even the most sensitive of skins, meaning you can apply it straight after treatments like I had. Read all about my Jane Iredale makeover  for more information on the brand.

So my first facial was definitely an experience and something I'd like to do again. A facial every month maybe? A girl can dream...

If you fancy booking your very own Environ Treatment, then book online and make sure you ask for a photo taken with the face mask on and tag me in it! Have you ever had a facial?