Styling my bedroom shelves

I'm by no means an expert when it comes to interior design and I often look at Pinterest and marvel at how uniquely people can decorate a space. My 'house goals' inspiration at the moment is Kate from Kate Lavie, whose whole apartment looks like it was taken out of a magazine. What I love about her style the most is that she uses a combination of high end and low end pieces. I think sometimes it pays to get quality pieces but  more often than not you can get the look you're after without spending too much. It's the same way I approach my make up and fashion!

So in an attempt to mix things up a bit in my fairly small room - I prefer to call it cosy - I took on a bit of shelf styling one weekend afternoon and transformed the corner of my room into an area I love to look at while I'm lying in bed. The amazing thing about it was that I didn't need to buy anything, I searched my room for different pieces that I thought would look good and tested out various layouts until I was happy. I thought I'd jot down a few tips if you're not too sure what to do with your own bookshelves or just fancy a change! My shelves are from Argos but I'm sure you can get similar ones in most homeware places.


I like every section of my shelves to look a little bit different. Playing around with heights, textures and shapes adds intrigue to what otherwise could be a very boring space. I like to mix mine up by displaying beautifully packaged beauty products, like this Nuxe oil, my most worn jewellery (mostly Pandora), books and candles. Basically anything that looks visually appealing I'll put on display and if something actually says 'pretty' on it like this book my friend Clare gave me, it's a bonus.


While I do love the idea of timeless, white interior design, I like my room to feel cosy too. I love autumnal evenings inside and lighting candles is a daily ritual for me. Therefore in autumn I choose scented candles to reflect the time of year. I had a little pumpkin for Halloween one corner which I am reluctant to take down until I can put a Christmas tree in its place! Adding little touches like this can add a bit of character and fun to the set up. Likewise fairy lights can look really good when done well. I wouldn't go for fluffy or sparkly ones myself, but I love the copper balls I bought from Sainsbury's last year because they leave beautiful patterns of light on my wall.


I'm not sure if I'm contradicting myself here but I think it's important not to go too over the top with bits 'n bobs, otherwise your shelves could end up looking cluttered. I've kept most of the objects on my shelf quite light and bright in colour palette, putting my Fujifilm Instax Camera and H&M Home candles on the top shelf to keep everything looking fresh. I love H&M's selection of home products and they're very affordable so have a browse here if you haven't already. I also couldn't resist adding a bit of rose gold though and propped my FRENDS headphones at the back. Sadly they hurt my head so I rarely wear them but hey, they look good!

I'd love to know if you've taken any tips from this post or if it's inspired you to do a bit of shelf styling of your own! No one has to know what goes on inside your cupboards....