3 skin treats you need this winter

With all the cold evenings stretching out ahead of us, I think it's the perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of pamper time. One of my favourite things to do on said pamper evening is to really spend time on my skincare by exfoliating really well, giving my skin a good massage to boost the circulation and then applying a problem-targeting face mask all over to really give my skin that glow it tends to lack at this time of year.

The first step I take is to exfoliate. For this I've been reaching for the Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub which is perfect for this time of year because the tiny Jojoba Microbeads really get deep into the pores and leave my skin feeling silky smooth, without feeling tight. Some scrubs can be far too grainy for my liking but this one is the perfect balance between gentle and deep-cleansing. There's also a generous 12% Glycolic Acid in this too which means you can leave it on for an extra few minutes as a quick exfoliating mask but usually I wash mine straight off.

Next I select a face mask. I had to include two of my favourites at the moment because they're both really good for different reasons. The Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask is one I spoken about quite a few times on here but I think it really comes into its own at this time of year. Why? Well, even though my skin is generally unproblematic now, I'm not immune to the occasional hormonal spot. I can rely on this mask to calm and soothe any flare ups while still balancing the rest of my skin which tends to be drier. It also sinks in so it's virtually undetectable, I've even answered the door to the postman with this on!

My other go-to option for the winter months, when my skin is feeling like it literally needs a big drink of water, is to use the Origins Drink Up mask. All you need is ten minutes (or you can leave on overnight) to let a layer of this sink into the skin. If your skin is super dry then it will probably disappear a minute or so after you apply it, otherwise you might notice certain areas lap it up while other parts don't. Typically my cheeks will soak this up more than the rest of my face. If I'm feeling really fancy I might use this on my cheeks and then the Elemis mask on my t-zone but it depends what mood I'm in.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes I've been making to my skincare routine this winter and for a full rundown of my current morning and skincare routine, check out my video tomorrow at 9am on my YouTube channel!