The nude MAC lipstick edit


I'll always remember 2016 as the year I really became interested in lipsticks and not just because of Kylie Jenner. I used to consider them as more of a 'mature' make up item and always thought they would make me look overly made up. Obviously I was completely wrong and over the past year I've discovered that the right lipstick shade can not only subtly enhance my natural lip colour but make me look more youthful. I find lip glosses particularly annoying now, especially at this time of year when my hair is more likely to find itself blown onto my lips.

"...over the past year I've discovered that the right lipstick shade can not only subtly enhance my natural lip colour but make me look more youthful."

I've spent time experimenting with different lipstick formulas, colours and brands and built up quite a collection of variations on nude tones, the most common brand in my stash being MAC. This probably isn't a surprise to you because let's face it, MAC really do set the bar high with quality and selection of lipsticks. There's something for everyone and even if you are pretty unadventurous with your choices (like I am) there's still a spectrum of options and textures within your chosen palette.  I currently own six of their lip colours and while it's not huge by any means, I'm pretty happy with my little edit, so I thought I'd share which ones I own and was drawn to purchase above the rest.

MYTH (left)

My most recent addition which I talk about in my birthday vlog and November favourites video. It's a beautiful peachy nude with a satin finish.

ANGEL (middle)

 This one is the most pink out of the six colours and looks lovely with a grey smokey eye. It's one of the frost formulas which is ever so slightly shimmery - I didn't even realise it was until I had to Google what the 'frost' finish meant!

CREME CUP (right)

A cremesheen lipstick which feels nice and moisturising on my lips. This was my second MAC lipstick purchase and is very similar to Angel in that it's quite pink but the finish is more glossy.

YASH (left)

Then we have Yash which I think is probably my favourite of the six because it's so unique. It's hard to describe because it's not quite brown but it's not really pink either so I'll let the swatch do the talking. What I will say is you will feel very grown up wearing this colour and the matte finish doesn't feel drying at all.

HUE (middle)

The first MAC lipstick I bought. I hadn't read any reviews about this one and was simply attracted to it at the counter. It's the palest one in my collection and I find it the easiest one to reach for if I haven't got much time but want a nude lip that needs little skill in applying. The glaze finish is very sheer so I find myself needing to re-apply this more than the other formulas, however if I know I'm going to be eating or drinking then sometimes that's generally what I prefer.

TAUPE (right)

My 'bold' matte lipstick choice and admittedly my least worn. It's similar to Yash but slightly darker with more of a red undertone. This shade is also quite similar to Velvet Teddy from what I've seen and writing this post has made me remember how much I loved it when I first picked it up. Maybe it's time to re-introduce this into my everyday make up again!

Another crucial reason why I love MAC lipsticks is that they taste good. Not overly sweet and fragrance but not medicinal - just right. The packaging is slick and clearly identifiable. Other shades I'm interested in trying are Velvet Teddy and Honey Love lipsticks and the Subculture liner. Mac's Spice liner is also one of my favourites! 

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite MAC lipstick shade? You can purchase MAC lipsticks here from around £15.