5 Morning hacks to kickstart your day!


Do you find yourself dreading your morning alarm? I used to feel that way myself but over the years I've come up with a morning routine which means that I look forward to the beginning of a new day and can't wait to do things that I enjoy. Getting up a little bit earlier could free up some time to allow you to do the things you're most passionate about. My five simple hacks I'm going to share with you today, allow me to begin my day on a positive note and feel my most productive self. 

1. 10 minutes of mindfulness

If you aren't familiar with the practice of meditation, the idea of doing 'nothing' for around 10 minutes may seem slightly contradictory, given this post is about making the most of your mornings. However, sitting still and quietening your mind for as little as 5 minutes a day can boost productivity by helping you to release any resistant thoughts. I personally try and listen to a YouTube meditation as soon as I wake up because I find focussing on music helps me switch off. I'll also try and avoid checking my phone for as long as possible as it can end up being a big time-waster in the morning.

2. The morning workout

I have much more energy in the morning so if I don't workout in the morning, it's unlikely to happen at all. Even if you aren't your most energetic in the morning, I'd recommend trying to fit in some exercise first thing for a few reasons. Firstly, those endorphins will leave you with more energy for the rest of the day. Secondly, you're less likely to put off the workout if it's out of the way first thing. Finally, getting a sweat on earlier in the day will boost your metabolism for the following hours. Typically, I'll do an at-home HIIT workout but I also try to get outside for a long walk or run when I can. Once I'm in a routine with my new job (which starts next Monday eek!) I plan on joining a gym near my house so I'll let you know when that happens.

3. Streamline your beauty routine

My beauty routine in the morning is relatively simple but I always make sure to switch up the products I use because not only do I then have more things to share with you guys but I get excited about having something different to try.

I'll begin with my skincare routine as soon as I wake up and then shower if I've done a workout. I'm currently using the Awakening collection by Gaia, which, as the name suggests, gives me an extra boost of energy in the morning and smells extremely invigorating.  Gaia's philosophy is that 'the future of luxury is time' so I think the brand fits perfectly with this post.

Once I've showered I'll spend around 15 minutes on my make up, again keeping it simple and alternating the products I use on a weekly basis. If you have a lot of make up, I suggest taking out the products you want to use that week on a Sunday and popping them in an 'everyday make up' section of your dressing table so that you can grab them quickly in the morning without having to think too much!

4. A healthy breakfast

If you want to have the energy and motivation to complete yours tasks for the day, you'll want to ensure you fuel yourself in the morning properly. I always make time for breakfast and one of my favourite things to make, even in winter, are thick and creamy smoothie bowls. Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, not only do they taste like ice cream, they will keep you satisfied and feeling great. There are plenty of recipes floating around on social media but here's my favourite one at the moment:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • Handful of blueberries
  • Handful of spinach
  • A dash of almond milk
  • 1 or two teaspoons of a superfood powder - I used baobab and maca in the bowl below
  • A selection of toppings: fresh fruit, coconut flakes, granola, chia seeds, nuts, almond/peanut butter, goji berries...whatever you fancy!

5. Plan the day

I love a good list. So much so that I'll write down really menial tasks on them, such as 'wash hair'. I know I'm going to them regardless, I just enjoy the satisfaction of checking things of my to-do list. It must be the Monica from Friends in me. The app I use to make my lists is called Wunderlist which is free to download and I particularly love it because I can jiggle round my tasks and edit things without causing any mess - perfection. Generally I'll plan what I want to achieve the following day the night before so I (mostly) wake up feeling ready to take on the day. I recommend getting the smaller chores out the way first, whether it's doing some ironing, posting on Instagram or scheduling my social media on Buffer, I always feel better and more clear-minded once the smaller things are done.

And remember, every small change you make counts!  If you want to know which beauty, fashion, tech and food favourites have helped make my mornings throughout 2016 that little bit easier, then give the video below a watch!

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