My updated fake tanning tips

How to get a streak-free tan

My tanning commandments. I've been fake tanning from a fairly young age and it's not something I plan on giving up any time soon. If anything I want one of those at home spray machines so I can do a spray tan at home - it's just my mum I need to convince. Without fake tan I'm very pasty and while I think some people can pull off that look, it's just not for me. I feel more confident with a tan so I always try to maintain a 'naturally bronzed' look all year round. Even if said shade is most people's normal skintone...

Over the years I've experimented with a lot of tanning methods and brands, sharing them with you in this post and this post so I would definitely class myself as an experienced tanner. I'm extremely fussy too. If a tan smells overly strong or doesn't sink in well on my skin I'll refuse to use it, no matter how good the colour is. Maybe that limits me but I've always had a thing about hating the feeling of wearing too much moisturiser on my skin. Don't even get me started on having to apply suncream on holiday!

Today I want to give you a few updated tips and products that I'm using at the moment as I feel like I'm in a good place with my current tanning routine.

Exfoliate daily. I used to exfoliate maybe twice a week but it really isn't enough if you want to ensure your tan doesn't go streaky. I'm not talking about scrubbing your skin like crazy but using some cheap exfoliating gloves with a shower gel and gently buffing the skin helps to keep the tan looking even and prevents any flaky patches. Your skin will also feel so soft you'll be addicted!

Use a mousse for a darker tan. This might not be true in every case but I've found that whenever I use a mousse formula as opposed to a lotion or spray, my tan looks deeper and lasts longer. I'm all about minimum effort maximum impact when it comes to fake tan. My current favourite ones to use are the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse in the dark option or the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse. Both are quick to apply, don't smell too strong and make me look a good few shades darker than my natural skintone - particularly the Bondi Sands one. Depending on how much time I have I normally have to apply one at least once a week to maintain the level of colour I like.

Epilate first. Or shave, whatever your preference! I get a much more even tan when I've epilated first so I make sure to plan my tanning around when I'm epilating. I use a Panasonic epilator which is still going strong even though I've had it for about five years!

Oil it up. I find using a body oil in between applications of tan really enhances the colour and keeps my skin well moisturised without feeling greasy. I particularly like the Johnson's Baby Oil (if it's good enough for babies...) and the famous Nuxe huile prodigieuse shimmer oil on more special occasions. Both smell heavenly too which should encourage you to apply it on a daily basis.

The finer details. Two other small tips that make a big difference are washing your tanning mitt each time you use it which prevents a build up of product, ensuring a more smooth application next time and also tanning your hands and feet last, using excess product left over on the mitt. Sometimes I'll use a gradual tan on my hands before bed and apply a hand cream on top for a more subtle finish.

So those are my latest tips on maintaining a tan all year round. I'd love to hear what fake tans you're loving at the moment!