Spending time alone at the weekend and how to enjoy it



I'll be the first to admit I love my own company. That's probably why I'm still single. On a serious note though,  I do enjoy socialising and being around my friends . However after a while I start to crave a day when I can just enjoy spending time alone and be in my own head. If you believe everything you see on Instagram, it would seem like everyone is out doing amazing things at the weekend.

I for one am guilty of only posting the more 'exciting' stuff because I'm never sure anyone wants to see me washing my make up brushes or prepping my blog stuff for the week. Sometimes I treat you to that though so follow me here if you don't already. So how have I and how can you make peace with spending time alone?

  1. Schedule in 'me time'. I want to start by saying you are never really 'alone'. While there are other people on the planet, you have company. If you don't enjoy your own company than you have a long journey through life ahead of you! I'm always making lists. Sometimes I feel my weekends are my most productive and  I always set myself a lot to achieve. Crucially though, if I don't get to spend any time by myself, my productivity levels drop. Then Monday arrives and I feel like I haven't rested. As I said earlier, I don't have a partner or kids so perhaps it's easier to spend time alone without someone else to worry about. Having said that, I do live with my family who are pretty good at sensing when I need my own space.
  2. Don't wait for other people or circumstances to change. It would be easy to waste a lot of time in our lives waiting for other people to do things with. So if there's something you really want to do that you're waiting for a person to do it with, if it's safe, I say do it now! For a while I wasn't going to join a gym without someone to go with. Now I think it would annoy me having to coordinate my sessions with someone else. Likewise if I'd waited until I had X amount of followers on Instagram or readers of my blog, I might never have started doing either. Now that would have been a real shame!
  3. Get up earlier. Don't worry, I'm not saying you have to turn into a morning person. but I find the early hours of  the morning to be such a peaceful time. Before the rest of the world is up, I like to get a head start on my day. I always feel a sense of satisfaction spending a bit of my morning doing something I enjoy. On a Sunday I'll often wake up earlier to spend a bit longer on my beauty routine or have an extra long session in the gym where I do a bit of meditation in the sauna. If you're a night owl you could to the same when everyone has gone to bed.
  4. . Find a hobby. Something that is yours and that excites you when you're spending time alone. For me, it's writing on here or creating videos for you guys. I also enjoy baking healthy treats like these, indulging in a pamper session and going to the gym! Find what rings your bells and do it as often as you can.

5. Do the things you've been putting off. Is there a cupboard that you just shove things into, hoping one day it will tidy itself? Use the time you spend alone to go through those niggling tasks of yours and you'll feel more light and on top of things.

6. Love yourself. In an entirely non-conceited way, loving yourself is my most important tip of all. It's something I'm continually working towards personally. I always notice things flow much better in my life when I'm feeling happy and confident. Ways I like to practice this on a Sunday when I'm spending time alone include: enjoying a good book, giving myself an at-home facial, getting a sweat on, or visualising my goals. I'm thinking of writing more on this topic so let me know if it's something you'd be interested in!