Gingham at Fourteen Trevor Square



Right, so I'm writing this post for the second time after Wordpress decided to lose my first draft. Let's hope this one goes to plan! Today I want to talk to you about a gingham blouse. I picked up the Gingham Mutton Sleeve Blouse from Topshop in early spring and have been wearing it all the time. Gingham has always been a favourite pattern of mine since my school days. In summer we were allowed to wear 'summer dresses' and my school's colour was blue gingham. I was always jealous of the kids that got to wear yellow gingham, the green not so much.

If you read my spring/summer wardrobe essentials post then you'll know I'm a big fan of loose fitting fabrics at this time of year. I know it's not revolutionary but there's something to be said for breathable clothing. Particularly if you're in the city like I was on this day. I hadn't heard of mutton sleeves (such a flattering name) before I was looking for the link for this post but I think they're pretty fun. They make what could be a boring top a bit more special. I love the bow detail on the back too.


Since the sleeves are so billowy, I kept the rest of my outfit fitted so as to not look like a gingham marshmallow. I wore my favourite Zara black skinny jeans, some H&M pink trainers (let's ignore the fact I chose to wear black socks) and white Zara blazer. Risky I know but it makes a change from a black blazer.

Accessories-wise I went for a lovely Henry London watch, my favourite Ray-Ban aviators and two Forever 21 bags. I needed to change up the bags because I was doing photos for work at the same time.

These photos were taken at Fourteen Trevor Square in London Knightsbridge. It's one of those Insta-famous locations I naturally had to check out. A builder even asked if a movie had been filmed there because he said he'd seen a lot of girls taking photos outside it! The power of Instagram eh? I thoroughly recommend this area though  if you want a pretty backdrop for your photos. Just be aware that the own of the house could walk out at any moment (see below right photo).

What's your take on gingham? Where are your favourite places in London to take photos?


Gingham blouse: Topshop

Jeans: Zara

Blazer: Zara

Crossbody bag: Forever 21 SIMILAR

Backpack: Forever 21

Trainers: H&M SIMILAR

Watch: Henry London

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban