Warning signs you need a social media detox & how to enjoy it!


In today’s Matcha Mornings video I’m discussing the signs that you need a social media detox and how to embrace it!

Here’s a summary of the points I make in the video:

1. You’re forgetting conversations you’ve had with people because you’ve been too busy writing your Instagram caption rather than listening to what they’re saying (guilty) 

2. You feel anxious if you’ve left your phone at home and can’t scroll while you walk/are waiting to meet someone

3. You talk to your IRL friends more on Instagram DM’s than on Whatsapp or in a phone call ‍

4. You feel ‘icky’ while you’re on it... 5. You base your decisions on what you ‘think’ so and so would do in that situation 

6. The number of times you open Instagram a day amounts to more than the number of fingers you have.

A few ways to enjoy a social media detox...

1. Plan dinner dates with friends you haven’t caught up with in a while and have a ‘no phone agreement’ 

2. Use the time you’d usually spend on Instagram or watching videos to do something you’ve been wanting to try for a while e.g. a new yoga class/ creating a vision board, which will be much more beneficial to your life 

3. Think of a treat to reward yourself with if you stick to it. Like that top in your ASOS basket or your favourite nourishing meal

4. Learning to stop the thoughts and create space. Space is important to let creativity come through and you’ll end up coming back to social media with much more awareness.