To new beginnings.


Welcome to my new Squarespace site!

You might have noticed looks a little different. I've been beavering away behind the scenes and moving my website and domain from Wordpress to Squarespace and I really can't believe I didn't do it sooner! It's already so much slicker and easier to navigate than Wordpress. There are some things I'd like to tweak but so far I'm really happy with how it's looking - considering I did it all myself.

So take a look around, there are a couple of new tabs which I'm really excited about. You guys know I'm big into my self-development and mindset work and I really want to share more of what I've learnt (and continue to learn) through online courses and my YouTube videos. I also want to delve into the world of life coaching to help other people who have faced similar struggles to me. I'm taking on applicants now, so read more about my offerings and apply on my new Coaching page if you feel called to.

Whether you want to lose weight, feel more motivated in your daily life or start that creative project you've always had tapping on your shoulder, let me help you! I've got the outline ready of an online self-study course I've been dying to 'give birth to' shall we say. The Energy Diet will teach you a completely new way of looking at diet and exercise. Not only will you lose weight and feel excited about moving your body, you'll feel more at peace and content in your body than ever before. And I know the latter is what you really want. You can register your interest on this page.

Well, I think I've offloaded everything I wanted to right now. I really hope you like the new look and I'd love to hear your feedback so feel free to DM me on Instagram.


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