The number one question you need to ask yourself when starting your own business or creative project.


What is my next best move?

It's far too easy these days to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. We're led to believe that there aren't enough followers or clients to go around. However I'm here to suggest that others are approaching their businesses or creative ventures has nothing to do with you. Many times in the past I would find myself trying to replicate the exact steps people I'd admired had taken but I was missing out a key part - everyone has their own path and timing that is right for them.

My friend and life coach Leticia Ringe told me that if you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you want to get done in your business, then the best question to ask yourself is 'what is my next best move?'. I believe she borrowed this from the one and only Oprah, who is known for keeping her tunnel vision and blocking out what other people in the industry around her are doing. If you're ever bored, watch a few YouTube videos of Oprah talking and you'll feel so inspired after I promise! I also love this video by Leticia on the idea of practice, not perfection.

A method of working that works for one person may not work for you. Essentially, it's the energy (or the vibration if we're getting into the quantum physics side of things) behind the actions that influence the outcome. If you are taking action from an inspired place of feeling really good and it feels easy, then chances are it's a good direction for you to head in.

On the other hand, if it feels like an uphill struggle then your emotional guidance system is telling you to take another path, which is probably a lot more just can't see it yet. I always check in with myself to see how a decision feels before determining what my next best move is. It's definitely a practice but practice makes perfect and all that!

I'll give you a real life example to illustrate my point. Have you ever wondered why some people swear by a particular diet or exercise routine to achieve a certain physique, yet others follow exactly the same steps but don't get the same results? Most people would put it down to different genes/biology but I'm here to tell you that it's the energy and beliefs behind what the individual is doing instead. If you believe a certain action will get you a result, then it will. If you believe something will have a detrimental effect, it will.

I read Dr Joe Dispenza's book, You Are The Placebo recently and it opened my eyes to what our bodies are truly capable of. Within us we have the ability to cure almost any disease with the power of our minds. You really should read it yourself to get the full picture, he has all the scientific evidence to back up what I'm saying.

I'll go into the concept of the energy behind you actions more on my YouTube channel in the upcoming weeks but I thought I would share the above question with you today. I'm off to go carry on with work, having just completed my 'what is my next best move?' task ;)

Have a wonderful day!

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