You don't have to decide what to eat for the rest of your life, focus on the present moment!


Any anxiety or worry you may be feeling around food can stem from feeling the need to control the outcome i.e. the shape of your body.

Are you someone who worries that that doughnut will immediately show up on your hips? Like Joey in Friends once said, ‘a moment on your lips, forever on the hips’. These sayings and stories are much more damaging than we realise. They become the norm and way of living.

I’ve noticed recently that there’s an increasing focus on gut health and food combining in order to optimise digestion. Yet anxiety and food intolerances are more common than ever.

Here’s a radical idea. What if your body knew what to do more than you let it? What if there were trillions of intelligent cells in your body that knew their role and have the ability to digest anything you feed it?

Well that’s actually true. Most of us have just lost touch with it. Looking outside of ourselves for the solutions. Copying other people’s diets, taking advice from people our aren’t qualified to give it and being hard on ourselves when we don’t rigidly follow their plans.

The human race has survived up until this point in time, with our amazing bodies able to adapt to any food we are giving it, whether it’s particularly natural or not. The latter being the main cause for concern in the twenty-first century! However even then, it’s all about balance.

You don’t need to go to extremes to have a healthy body.

You don’t need to decided how you are going to eat for the rest of your life.

Decide in this moment that you want to feel better and choose the food that you know will help soothe you.

Even if you pick a cookie, enjoy it and then feel bad or a bit sick after.

Be easy on yourself. There was a momentum of emotions leading up to that point and this build up of energy can be changed.

It’s the shift in energy that I’m here to help you achieve. I want you to feel calm, happy and excited about food and moving your body.

To feel the present moment through your physical senses is one of the greatest gifts that' we’ve been blessed with as humans.

So don’t waste it by worrying about what you at yesterday or will be eating in the future.

The only moment is the now. How are you showing up?

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