Using your mind to lose weight: the basics

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So many of us think that losing weight has to be difficult or takes a lot of time when in fact it’s just a story we are telling ourselves about the way things are. If you’re telling yourself that you have no willpower or you have a slow metabolism then the evidence of those things will show up in your life. Your thoughts create emotions and emotions lead to behaviours, such as emotional eating. So the cycle never ends and you wonder why you aren’t getting anywhere. It’s time for you to take back the control you were born with!

In this episode I explain how the beliefs you have about yourself affect your reality and that you can choose what you believe relative to your body and the way food and exercise alter it. I believe that in the future, dieting and having to pound yourself at the gym will be a thing of the past as people realise how much their thoughts and stories negatively impact them. I’ve also created a bonus mini meditation which will get you into the frequency of love and gratitude for your body before you eat. I like to call it a ‘vibrational warm up’ which you can download in the resource section of this post.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- Why weight loss isn’t a one size fits all approach

-The reasons some people can lose weight with one method and others can’t

- That the stories you tell yourself about your physical body matter

- Ways to feel more peace around food and your decisions

-That there are no ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ foods, only negative thoughts about it

-That it’s possible to eat chocolate everyday and stay slim

-Your body is energy and listening to you constantly…

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