How to heal your relationship with Instagram


If you have a love-hate relationship with Instagram or social media in general then you aren’t alone. For many it can cause a lot of anxiety and lead to feelings of jealousy and comparison-itis. However it’s not going anywhere any time soon and let’s face it, if you’re building a brand or keen to have your own business, social media is pretty darn useful. So it’s been my mission to develop a more mindful relationship with social media and make it work for me rather than against me.

In this episode I share my tips on how you can make your Instagram feed a more positive place to be, find a community of like-minded people and use your time on it intentionally.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- Where I’m at with my job search

-That you can choose the effect Instagram has over you

-Tips on how to create a community of like-minded people

-What to do if you find yourself obsessed with the likes

-How to be more intentional with Instagram

-The best ways to deal with comparison or jealousy on social media

-The worst time to open your Instagram app

- My favourite types of accounts to follow

Resources mentioned:

Lacy Philips

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Instagram: @ella.ryder


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