Exploring Human Design, perfectionism & anxiety

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Throughout life we are offered many tools to support us on our journey of growth. Ultimately, you decide what is most in alignment for you and your beliefs. I’ve found Human Design to be a very useful tool for myself through learning more about what makes us unique and how we relate to each other in the world. I’m sharing my key learnings from Human Design in today’s episode, as well as discussing some recent anxiety I’ve been experiencing and letting go of perfectionism.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- What Human Design is and how it’s a useful tool for rediscovering your most authentic self

-My key takeaways from Human Design (as a Projector)

- The different ways perfectionism may show up in your life

- How I got rid of my recent anxiety

-That all you need to do in a stressful situation is accept the present moment

Resources mentioned:

Find out your Human Design type

Jenna Zoe

Lacy Philips Expanded podcast episode on Human Design

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